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Love Never Dies

With so much loss in the recent news and so much loss on a personal level, I wanted to talk about the subject of grief and loss. Now I know Valentine’s day is coming up and I am in no way trying to be morbid, but this has been for...

Remember the Spirit

Take a moment to take a deep breath. In and out. Go back to your childhood. What was your favorite thing about Christmas, or even about this time of year? Was it the tree? I can tell you personally for me it was always the lights. (more…)

Color Me Plenty!

Do you ever find yourself drawn to that particular color on that particular day when you venture into your closet? For example, you’re feeling kind of down and you want to feel great and look great, so which color do you seek to wear but your favorite! (more…)

Depression: It is time for it to GO!

I have enjoyed writing monthly about the topics that have come to me through clients, friends and family. Although this is not a happy topic, I feel encouraged to talk about it in this month’s article; the subject of depression. (more…)

That Inner Voice, That’s YOU!

With the hectic pace we find ourselves keeping up with on a daily basis, we often forget the things that we are impacted by. The stresses of our normal routine keep us going constantly to the point that we may not always find the time to sit down and be...

Finding Love

As a writer, I tend to be drawn to certain topics or inspirations. As someone who has worked in the Metaphysical community for several years, I also find myself drawn to certain subjects with clients; almost as if the universe has the urge to not only guide certain individuals to...


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