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New Year= You First!

I know a lot of you are talking about New Year’s resolutions. I don’t necessarily make a resolution as much as I set goals.

Some goals are totally achievable. Some require hard work, but they are things I want to work towards or achieve throughout the year. Whether its financial stability, business goals, health, etc.

I always focus on the list as a whole in the sense that I work towards the big stuff while accomplishing the small stuff. The list is always half and half, so I have a balance of progress.

Let’s be real here, big goals take time and a lot of times we give up because we feel that it is taking too long, or our patience is just gone. Short term goals allow us to feel progress until the big things land.

One of my short-term goals was to give myself better balance within both my work and health. Last year and the year before I had so many health issues. I am carrying a lot of that this year. Instead of continuing to truck through. I set the goal of finding a healthier balance in my energy.

I listen to my body more. When it is at its limit, I respect that rather than pushing too hard or guilting myself for not getting more done.

Why am I sharing this. Because this afternoon I had to remind myself of that.

I was up early to get my daughter through virtual school. Around her schooling I did some phone readings and typed up six more New Year’s readings. I am down to my last three New Year’s readings to finish.

But after 2 p.m. my energy tanked. I started to get shaky, and I know I have evening appointments to get through.

I am giving my body a restful period for a bit before I get back to work for the rest of the day.

Now I could let the guilt eat me up, I could sit here telling myself there are a hundred things I need to get done. But I won’t do that. I have done it so many times and pushed my body to a breaking point. I have gotten sicker and allowed myself to do that so that I could fit all the needs of everyone and everything around me.

I am setting the goals of creating boundaries and keeping them. Don’t get me wrong I have boundaries and I have formed bigger and stronger ones over the last two years due to Covid and its backlash of negative energy.

These goals are different and so are these boundaries. This is a year where I am taking some time for myself, my body, my mind and my spirit.

Why should any of us feel guilty for that? Why have we turned so much of our lives into do, do, do. Go, go, go. Where do we fit into our own world? Where did we fall off the train of living life for ourselves and feeling like we no longer owe ourselves anything?

Bottom line, this year I did 28 New Years readings. That’s right. I have three left to do. But I have noticed such a common thread in so many of them. We have failed ourselves. We have failed to let go of our pasts; we have failed to live in the present. We don’t even let ourselves think about the future and if we do, we think it’s beyond our reach or it will never happen.

We have to stop being our worst enemies. We have to stop limiting ourselves and creating unhealthy boundaries and we have to start creating the right ones.

So, my wish for all of you is to make a list. Tackle those goals. But bottom line is that you should make yourself one of those goals. What do you need? What do you want? What will make you happy. Just remember, life is short, and it is worth living.


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