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Love Never Dies

With so much loss in the recent news and so much loss on a personal level, I wanted to talk about the subject of grief and loss. Now I know Valentine’s day is coming up and I am in no way trying to be morbid, but this has been for some a very hard time of year, when it comes to so many crossing to the other side.

I want to remind everyone that through this process, love never dies, and that your love and prayers are heard and felt. I can’t honestly tell you how to grieve. I am no expert in the subject and I do find that no one really has all the answers for this process; but I can tell you how I get through it. I can tell you that spirit is all around you.

Even though you are saddened, missing those loved ones even more, they are still near. They are literally only a breath away from you. Their energy and souls live on and the body that they had, the physical shell they possessed, is the only thing they lost in death.

Grief and loss are two of the many things I talk to clients about; whether it is for a mediumship reading and they are trying to connect with that spirit personally, or if it is in general on how to deal with the loss.

My first piece of advice is that there is no time frame. How can you even try to put a time frame on loss? It is not possible. A loss of someone never goes away. You will always carry them in your heart, and in your soul. I never put a time limit on grief or loss. Take the time you need to work through this energy, but always understand that it is not permanent and you must live on.

My second piece of advice is to be aware of your grief. I always get the question of, “Why won’t so and so come to me? I am intuitive or very open minded.” Grief creates a wall between you and spirit and it is very hard for them to come through during this time.

I can also say I have had experiences where spirits do not want to come through right away. If you pick up on them so soon after the loss, we have the ability as humans to want to hold on to them even tighter, and they must have the opportunity to find their peace. They have earned it.

Remember that their souls have served their purpose for the time being. That even though it is hard for you to feel them or sense them, think about all the good they have done and all the lives they have touched. For they are now resting and as I always say, they are spread out on the beach enjoying a good vacation.

Before going to bed at night picture them in your mind, let them know you are open to their messages and they are welcome in your dreams. Try meditation, some stones, crystals, or even candles and herbs can help you connect to spirit.

If you’d like, I am someone who has been through death, loss and grief, and I am sending you love and light. Pure white light to help you feel those who have departed, and know that they are at peace. Know that their love for you will never die.

Courtney Overfield


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