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Courtney offers Psychic/ Intuitive readings as well as Mediumship. Courtney has had prior professional experience and training. Her readings are available on a first come first serve basis, by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 

She is available for in person readings located at her private office in Dearborn Heights, MI or readings by phone.  Please contact her to book your appointment today! Want her to come to you? Book a psychic party. 

 You must pay up front for any reading prior to receiving service.

She also works with many tools to help bring you the information. Please specify what type of reading you would like when you book your appointment.

Courtney’s Talents Include:

Tarot– 78 cards are used to bring you information on your past, present and future.

Palmistry– Information is gathered through your dominant hand and information provided will be on your life as a whole.

Crystal Ball– Images gather in the ball or the third eye and can come for any area of your life. This reading is more interactive.

Psychometry– Would you like to know more about an object and the energy it carries? Many clients bring jewelry or pictures.

Tea Leaves– You do not need to drink the tea to enjoy this service. This reading paints your life as a whole as well as past, present and future and is interactive.

Mediumship– This offers you the chance to connect with loved ones, ancestors and spirit guides. Is there someone passed on you would like to speak with?

Empathy– This capability is used in every one of Courtney’s readings. She picks up on your thoughts or emotions to help you heal or understand your own feelings.

Dream Interpretation– This can be asked for in any reading. Courtney will interpret the dream you had and give you a better understanding of its meaning.

Pet or Animal Readings– This service is best performed when Courtney can be near the animal. She does offer the ability for her to come to you to see the pet in its own habitat.

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We Are Open

  • Monday thru Friday
    10:00AM – 08:00PM
  • Closed Saturday
  • Closed Sunday