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That Inner Voice, That’s YOU!

With the hectic pace we find ourselves keeping up with on a daily basis, we often forget the things that we are impacted by. The stresses of our normal routine keep us going constantly to the point that we may not always find the time to sit down and be impacted by the one thing that can truly make a difference and that is, ourselves.

I find personally that sometimes I tend to find inspirations from the things around me; a book that had the saddest ending, that movie that lifted my spirits or the people that I have surrounded myself with that push me to achieve more or strive harder. My passions sometimes come from the things that I have found myself inspired by, but, not truly by the one thing that should, and that is my inner voice.

Your inner voice is there. Everyone has one. Even YOU, the person who may be reading this article right now. It has been there since the day you were born and will travel with you when you leave this Earth. But how do we as individuals learn to connect with that voice when the alarm clock is telling you you’re late to work or your cell phone is ringing? The best way to do so is by meditation.

Some believe meditation is meant to take up some daily time, and I am not saying it isn’t so, but it won’t always be quiet, lengthy or perfect. I can say that meditation is what you make of it. I often throw myself into meditation by visualization; and the perfect place to visualize is one that I would consider my personal “happy place.” A place of my own design that always gives me the comfort, relaxation, protection and calm that I strive for. Once I have come to this place and fully immerse myself into it, I can then speak with my own inner voice for guidance.

Some say your inner voice is your subconscious; some say it is your psychic connection or intuition; others may say it is your connection with the divine in any shape, form, fashion or belief system you may practice. I believe that it is all of these; that we are all interconnected as energy beings, as well as being interconnected with the divine or universe.
By opening ourselves up to the potential for guidance, knowledge, wisdom and experience we can truly discover not only our paths on this Earth but who we are.

So the next time you feel inspired by a great song, movie, book, friend or anything that life has to offer, remind yourself that you have that same potential to inspire yourself. Your inner voice is a true beacon of pure light and it is there to work for you. By connecting to it, even if just for five minutes before bedtime, you also have the wonderful advantage of sharing your infinite wisdom and inspiring someone else to take the time to listen to their inner voice as well.

Courtney Overfield


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