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Finding Love

As a writer, I tend to be drawn to certain topics or inspirations. As someone who has worked in the Metaphysical community for several years, I also find myself drawn to certain subjects with clients; almost as if the universe has the urge to not only guide certain individuals to me for help, but also to guide me to learn the life lessons that I try so hard to help them with.

Every month I have written an article on, ‘quick tips’. However, as I sat down to write another article, I found I could not do so, but was instead guided by spirit to offer my experiences about a subject that I do not take lightly, and that is, love.

I have found that there are no easy quick tips for love, because it is something that we all wish to not only achieve, but keep in our lives. I can only offer the advice I have recently shared with clients in the hope that if this is something you or someone you know are working on, that maybe some of the life lessons I have learned can help in the process of self discovery or finding love.

What are your expectations? It seems an easy enough question, but some may find that when you really sit down and think about it, you may not know. We all want things, but what do we expect in return? Relationships — we take one, learn from it, maybe leave it and move on to the next; but it is the learning part that is so important. We cannot carry the expectations of our past or even our past loves. We must find the courage to meet every relationship with a new approach, because one of the hardest things for us to understand is that everyone is different — different lifestyles, upbringings, backgrounds and approaches to things.

Communication is the biggest road block in love. Some would say that trust is. But I believe that we must communicate to gain trust, knowing that we are putting ourselves ‘out there’, and honestly finding a partner we can work on spending the rest of our lives with. Work on trusting that your words mean something and that they are also worth something in any relationship.

Lastly, I recommend patience. Patience is not an easily acquired trait but it can come in handy. Relationships are about understanding; and nine times out of ten that requires patience. We are each handed different life lessons, and sometimes our partner or significant other is learning a completely different one that may eventually lead them to our path. If the love you seek does not show up today, trust the universe to find the right timing because you too may be working on life lessons to lead you to their path.

May we all find the love we seek!
Courtney Overfield


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