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Monthly Healing Subscription

Monthly Healing Subscription

This service is offered monthly at the beginning of each month throughout the year.

Between the First and Third days of the month Courtney will send out healing, positive energy to each person who has subscribed for that particular month.

This energy will be for motivation, positivity, self-esteem, healing and overall having a better pep in your step.

This energy will last the month and will help you in a positive way so you keep going strong.

If you wish to subscribe, payments are due by the first of each month. You can pay up front for as many months as you would like or you can pay per month.

No additional costs. Join or not join as you please. You can also gift this to another individual and Courtney will add them to her list.

Each individual is required to pay the $20 fee. The fee will not cover a household only a particular individual that has subscribed or if the service has been bought for them.

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