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Spell Casting

Spell Casting

Spell Castings- This service is offered to clients who are looking for a direct way to manifest something into their life. If you do not want to use Courtney’s candle kit product lines and you are looking for a stronger energy, this is an alternative and a more direct way to achieve the manifestation.

Spells can take anywhere from 3-28 days to manifest. Please give it time. If at the end of 28 days you have not received any change or desired effects Courtney will recast the spell one more time at no additional cost.

Although Courtney’s candle kit lines do offer multiple ways to manifest the things you do want this is a more potent and direct way to achieve manifestations. If she feels however that one of her kits will do the job she will recommend them.

Cost per spell, $40. This includes the materials and time. Clients have the option of Courtney casting the spell or offers the materials so a client may perform it for themselves.

This is not a guarantee. Remember the universe has ultimate control and can stop a spell for anytime and for any reason.


Courtney does NOT hex, curse, get revenge or take a way free will or the free will of others. She does NOT cast spells out of spite, anger, loss, etc. Do NOT ask she will refuse and turn you away. 

Spells are not a quick fix, fix all and do not take the place of any professional medical advice or professional psychological advice. Courtney is not a doctor, nurse or medical practitioner nor is she a degreed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If for any reason Courtney feels that you need medical or psychological help she will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others. DO NOT depend on these spells as a cure or a way to treat serious medical issues. Please consult with a medical professional for medical conditions and for the betterment of your wellbeing and health. 

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