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Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing- Feel like you are surrounded by negative energy, an entity, cursed, hexed, depressed, down, or experiencing overwhelming emotions? A Spiritual Cleansing can help clear that energy and leave you feeling cleansed, positive and ready to move forward. Sessions are hands off.

Courtney will create a circle of protection energy around you. This protection can last up to two weeks after your session(s). She will then go in and vacuum out any negative energy that you contain or that is around you. Once you have been “cleansed”, she will then go into your energy and offer healing, aura and chakra stabilization. Crystals and crystal wands are used in these sessions.

Spiritual Cleansings are done in one session where they can take 90-120 minutes or they can be split into two sessions where they can take 45-60 minutes a piece. Price $175

These sessions can be done in person at Courtney’s office location or done remotely. If you choose to do a remote session Courtney will still contact you with any additional information including psychic information that she learned while doing your session. If you would still like to receive your candle(s) you are required to pick them up or they can be shipped to you at an additional cost. You also have the option of having Courtney burn them on your behalf. Candles offer additional help with your cleansing and are geared to remove any additional unwanted energy out of a home.

Courtney may offer additional items available for purchase to help with specific information or situations she received. You are in no way obligated to purchase any additional items.

Clients have reported feeling euphoric energy after a session. This feeling will stabilize and is not permanent. A kind reminder that these sessions are not permanent and

you may find yourself requiring another session in the future. Clients have also reported feeling that their bodies have gone through a detox mode where they find themselves using a restroom more often the first day. Your body is detoxing and this also is not permanent. Lastly you may find your body requires additional rest or sleep. This is your bodies way of dealing with the changes of your energy field and after the first day you will feel back to your normal self.

Price $175. This includes both sessions and a candle(s).

These sessions do not take the place of any professional medical advice or professional psychological 

advice. Courtney is not a doctor, nurse or medical practitioner nor is she a degreed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If for any reason Courtney feels that you need medical or psychological help she will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others. DO NOT depend on these sessions as a cure or a way to treat serious medical issues. Please consult with a medical professional for medical conditions and for the betterment of your wellbeing and health. 


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