Courtney offers a variety of other services, click on one of her services listed below for brochures with full descriptions and prices. All brochures are in downloadable pdf format so you can download them to your computer.



Spiritual Cleansing Brochure                                

Spiritual Cleansing- Feel like you are surrounded by negative energy, an entity, cursed, hexed, depressed, down, or experiencing overwhelming emotions or negativity? A spiritual cleansing can help clear that energy and leave you feeling cleansed, positive and ready to move forward. Price $145. This includes both sessions and a candle. Each session is approximately 45-60+ minutes long.



House Blessing Brochure                                  

House Blessings- This service can be done to clear any unwanted energy, entities or emotional energy from any environment. If you feel that you have an unwanted entity present in your home or environment a professional house blessing can help. Price $150. This includes travel, the full blessing, crystals, candles, holy water, sage and other tools that are used. Anything that is left the owner gets to keep.



Spell Casting Brochure                                    

Spell Castings- This service is offered to clients who are looking for a direct way to manifest something into their life. If you do not want to use Courtney's product line this is an alternative and a more direct way to achieve the manifestation. Courtney DOES NOT, hex, curse, get revenge or cast spells out of spite, anger, loss, etc. Cost per spell, $30. This includes the materials and time. Clients have the option of Courtney casting the spell or they can be taught how to do it for themselves.



Spiral Crystal Healing Brochure                            

Spiral Crystal Healings- This unique service is offered to not only help clients experience healing energy but to also help them achieve manifestations. Clients are healed with an entire spiral of crystals built specifically under the massage bed for them. Each session includes an Archangel sand and three crystals to help them achieve their manifestation. Sessions are hands off.


45 minutes: $90

60 minutes: $110


Psychic Parties Brochure                                  

Parties are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Courtney asks for at least two weeks' notice before booking a party. If you are booking a party at the last minute she may not be available. Depending on distance there may be a travel fee for Courtney to come to you.


Courtney also participates in Fairs, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Graduations, Weddings, Baby Showers, Etc. Contact her to find out which party type would best fit your needs!


At the time of booking please specify if you would like Courtney to bring product to purchase. Purchase is not required.


All parties must be paid by cash, credit or debit. NO CHECKS ALLOWED!


Per Hour- An hourly rate of $95 dollars. A minimum of two hours. This plan is for a large amount of guests or a special event. Courtney will divide the time amongst guests when they arrive. Readings are customized to read as many guests as possible in an equal amount of time. Please give yourself enough time for all of your guests and very little time between readings.


 Per Person- This plan charges $30-40 dollars for an approximate 20 minute reading. Minimum of six readings and a maximum of twelve. Guests can choose between a variety of reading types. Tarot, Crystal ball, etc. are all considered $30 readings. Mediumship is considered a $40 reading. Any combination or Mediumship and etc. is a $40 reading. If your guests would like a specific tool other than Tarot, Courtney must be notified at time of booking.


Unveilings- There is a minimum of 10 people required for this type of party and the max is 15 people. The price for this party is $35 per person. This party setting includes everyone sitting together or in a circle fashion while Courtney goes through and reads people individually.  This party is for those interested in connecting to their loved ones that have passed, as well as, psychic information. There is a 2 hour minimum that the she will stay and she reads everyone. If you do not meet the minimum required amount of people and have 9 or less you may book this type of party setting for the flat rate of $300 with a 2 hour minimum that she will stay.