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House Blessing

House Blessing

House Blessings- This service can be done to clear any unwanted energy, entities or emotional energy from any environment. If you feel that you have an unwanted entity present in your home or environment a professional house blessing can help. House blessings are also appropriate when moving into a new home or space to clear out any stale, old, or unwanted energy. Your new environment should be geared solely towards your energy and only for the spirits you welcome.

House Blessings can take anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on size of home and property. Price $175

Courtney will come in and ask you to show her problematic areas or areas in which you have the most activity. It is important that she have access to every area both indoors and outdoors. She will then cleanse the inside of the home or premise and then conclude by cleansing the outside of the property. Courtney likes to place stones both inside a property, very well hidden, as well as, bury stones on the property. This creates both an indoor and outdoor grid that provides additional protection so no unwanted energy comes in or comes back.

Courtney is a medium and an empath. She will be able to pick up on energies in the premise and on the property as well as, spirits that are unwelcome and those spirits who are connected to family, current owners, possibly previous owners and those spirits who are not harmful.

She will tell you any information that she receives including energetically, psychically, as well as any spirits she comes across or in contact with.

Price $175. This includes travel, the Full Blessing, Crystals, Candles, Holy Water, Sage, Palo Santo, and other tools that are used. Anything that is left the owner gets to keep. If a second session is required (very rare) she will come out a second time at no

additional cost.

Kind Reminder: Courtney has done multiple house blessings over the multiple years she has offered professional services. She has seen conditions where a place may be lightly haunted or severely haunted. She is trained to deal with any situation that you may have found yourself in. She will also tell you whether it is in your best interest to remain in the location or if it is in your interest to move on. She is not responsible for your choice. 

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