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Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting- Looking to cut the link or cord between you and another individual? Then this would be for you. Cord cutting is used to cut through the the energetic link that bonds you or ties you to another individual. This is done so that energy, connection, emotion and karma no longer exists between you and the individual. The most common use of cord cutting is done for love relationships. Examples: Moving on from an abusing relationship, moving on from that ex that is no good, eliminating a harmful business relationship.

The goal of the Cord Cutting to stop a bond or energy flow from you to another individual so no harm can be done, you can move on and forward and let that individual go from your life.

Price $130

Also available is Cord Glancing: $35 see services page

These sessions are completely remote. A cord cutting can take 1-3 days depending on how complex the situation is. With an hour designated for each day.

Courtney will go in and look into your energy and the individual’s energy and find the link, cord and bond between the two of you. She will take a look at the cord before making the cut. Once cut she will double check her work to ensure no reattaching occurs. Clients have informed Courtney that they do feel a sensation when the cord is cut. It does take a few days to get accustomed to the feeling of losing the link but you will feel better rather than worse after a few days. She will inform you of any psychic or energetic energy she does receive during the process.

Courtney may recommended to follow up a Cord Cutting with a Spiritual Cleansing to remove all unwanted leftover energy depending on the severity of the situation. This is just a recommendation and up to the client.

This is not a guarantee. Remember the universe has ultimate control and if it feels the connection is meant to be they will put it back in place. 

Cord Cuttings are not a quick fix, fix all and do not take the place of any professional medical advice or professional psychological advice. Courtney is not a doctor, nurse or medical practitioner nor is she a degreed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If for any reason Courtney feels that you need medical or psychological help she will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others. DO NOT depend on a cord cutting as a cure or a way to treat serious medical or psychological conditions. Please consult with a medical professional for medical conditions and for the betterment of your wellbeing and health.

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