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Goddess Isis/ Archangel Sandalphon


This Kit Helps With:

Motherhood, Pregnancy
Powerful Healing
Self-Esteem, Joy
Protector of Children
Answering Prayers & Manifestations
Divine Magic
Sexuality/ Passion

“Allow us to surround you in peaceful healing awareness, protected from harm!”

***This kit is not a guarantee of pregnancy and if used by someone who does not want to conceive they will not!***




One Red Candle and One Herbal Sachet.


Place candle on plate or saucer. Ask for Isis or Sandalphon to come into your presence. Feel their energy fill you and bring you peace. Tell them what you wish to manifest. Sprinkle powder around candle (not on) while focusing on what you would like achieve. Light candle and let wax drip onto powder. Let the candle burn all the way down. Let sit for at least one day to allow the energy to start manifesting. Throw candle wax away. Keep the herbs or give them back to nature. Add crystals to kit for additional energy.


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