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Courtney teaches all of the classes listed below and is always adding new classes and material. If you would like to know more about specific dates, times, upcoming availability or prices, please contact her. Also check out her Facebook Page, Divine Temperance with Courtney Overfield where all upcoming class dates are available.

You must pre-register for any class and pre-pay before the first class date. Payment plans are optional but must be discussed prior to class start and are up to the discretion of Courtney or the teacher.

Wicca I: An introduction to the spiritual path of Wicca. This section contains six classes and covers the history of Paganism, religious symbols, elements, rituals, holidays, divination and magical concepts of this path as well as much more.

Wicca II: This section also contains six classes and cover a further in-depth look in the magic, herbs, crystals, moon rituals, holiday rituals, avoidance of black magic, astrology and numerology pertaining to Wicca. This section is for those who have the basic knowledge and experience in Wicca and are looking for more knowledge, returning to this spiritual path or are looking for more experience.

Tarot Magic: This section contains four classes and covers an in-depth look in the uses of Tarot to create magical spells, rituals and to help an individual use the Tarot for manifesting purposes such as a new job, home, protection, good health and so on. Students must have prior knowledge of the cards and understand the meanings.

Moon Rituals: This section is a standalone class and covers all the phases of the moon as well as what magic or rituals can be performed under any phase of the moon, not just the full moon. This class will have you leaving with more knowledge about lunar energy, it’s potential, what you can manifest and more!


We Are Open

  • Monday thru Friday
    10:00AM – 08:00PM
  • Closed Saturday
  • Closed Sunday

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