Courtney is the founder and creator of Divine Temperance. In her words Divine Temperance means divinity with no limits, spiritual understanding with no bounds and Temperance or guidance in any form.


Courtney has been psychic all her life. When she hit her teens she decided to take her intuition to the next level and study independently to not only learn her capabilities but to know how to use them to help others.


She has worked in four businesses as  a professional psychic before branching out on her own to co-own a business and now currently own one independently.


She has done many events including: witch’s ball, convocation, fairs, professional private events, fundraisers, Professional Tarot School in 2011, and wrote Horoscopes for the Henry Ford Community College Newspaper, and now works with Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine and as the Executeive Producer of                Body Mind Spirit Radio.


She also teaches and loves working with children to help them develop their psychic gifts, as well as, adults.


She continues to play an active role in the community and her divine purpose is to help others achieve their goals and offer guidance and compassion. Her motto is Unveiling the Psychic Truth to its full extent  through classes, sessions, events and more! She feels that by giving honest, pure and blunt guidance individuals can reach their ultimate divine purpose.